Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The latest news

The car has now made it to 5k+ miles since the conversion.  I've been driving it just about every day, either on my commute or around town.  Until yesterday that is...when I went out to the garage and found out that someone had broken in to the car and found that someone had stolen the BatteryManager3 that tracks the # of amp hours used up, as well as the voltage of the car.  That has put an end to driving the car long distances for the time being since I don't know how much charge I've used up, how much I have left, or how many volts the car is using...kind of like someone stealing the gas gauge out of the car as well as the tachometer.  Anyways, I just picked a replacement meter up, and we'll see if that one works and hopefully be back on the road.

Lots of new excitement happening in the EV World...the Tesla guys are shipping their roadster and claim to have a sedan on the way, the Chevy Volt sounds like it is more than just vapor for the time being.  The big question will be who can get LiOn batteries cheap enough to make a car that people can afford to buy. If they can get under $30k then I think they will change the world...over $30k, and it's hard to say.

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Corrinne said...

Wow, Honey, you are really slacking on the blog posts! ;) Feb. 6 was the last one! Let's hear some new EV news!